Amrita Sunrise: the guide to the G-area in the direction of female ejaculation at Centrul Claca

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Amrita Sunrise for (almost) everybody! The guide to the G-area in the direction of female ejaculation: the right to squirt and treasures that we rediscover

Female* ejaculation:
– may be a liberating sexual experience;
– enables us to achieve amazing sensations, followed by emotional and physical relaxation;
– it’s not a rarity: it can be experienced by a majority of people with female genitalia;
– is healthy!
– was revered in many cultures as a holy „water of life”
…so why today it is so seldom talked about – and why even more rarely does it occur in nature?

I’m inviting you to talk** about the importance of the female prostate – known as the G-area – for women’s* well-being and health. We will reflect together on the causes and consequences of the centuries of its exclusion from medical discourse and sexual practices in Western culture. We’ll talk about how to squirt a fountain. We will look at the physiological and psychological determinants of this phenomenon. And finally we won’t get caught by ejaculation paranoia: don’t let anybody convince you that you can’t live without squirting, let alone keep up sexually!

Agnieszka Weseli/Furja, historian of sexuality, sexual educator and queer/feminist activist from Poland (

* By women i mean people identifying themselves as women and/or with experience of living as a woman and/or female-bodied persons. But the event is open for everybody who can treat others with respect and empathy 🙂

** It will be a theoretical meeting. No need to undress, touch oneself etc. Still, since we talk about sexuality, there might be some sensitive emotional stuff, so… we need to treat each other with respect and use empathy. As stated above 🙂

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